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Around 20 kilometers west of here in the Connemara Gealtacht,Luthier Domhnall Ó Ráinne has been making each guitar by hand to a very high standard since founding Ó Ráinne Musical Instruments in 2010.He uses native Irish tonewoods when available and possible,including back and sides made from walnut,sycamore and yew.Bog oak procured from land around the makers workshop has also been used for binding.More exotic and tropical woods such as Macacauba,Cocobolo and wenge among others are also used.In the relatively short time these guitars have been in existence they have found their way into the hands of players not only in Ireland but around the world; from Réunion Island to Moscow,Dubai,continental Europe and the United States.More information here:

O Rainne 000 SOLD
O Rainne 000 SOLD

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Sitka spruce top
Flame maple binding and back stripe
Macacauba back and sides
Ebony fingerboard and bridge
Ebony headstock backplate
45mm nut width
Mid sized 000 with Donal Ó Rainne’s unique shape.This one has a slightly deeper body than previously.
Beautiful sweet and strong tone.Macacauba is similar to rosewood and comes from South America.

O Rainne 000 SOLD O Rainne 000 SOLD O Rainne 000 SOLD O Rainne 000 SOLD O Rainne 000 SOLD O Rainne 000 SOLD O Rainne 000 SOLD O Rainne 000 SOLD
O Rainne 13 fret paduk
O Rainne 13 fret paduk
Price :  €2390
Availability :  Due into stock on may 24

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Popular small body O Rainne model with 13 fret neck joint.
Austrain spruce top
Paduk back and sides.