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C.A. SEYDEL SÖHNE was established in a town with a long tradition of musical instrument manufacturing - Klingenthal Germany in 1847,making it the oldest harmonica factory in the world.
The harmonicas are still handmade there today,where they combine the generations of experience with great new ideas and technology.

Seydel De Luxe
Seydel De Luxe

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Chromatic Harmonica with 12 holes, 48 notes and brown-tinted acrylic comb
The Standard tuning of the Chromatic Harmonica
Purists among the players insist -and they stress- that the key of C is the
only tuning necessary when playing Chromatic.
They say, that a violinist also does not carry several tuned violins around
to be able to play all classic works.
This may be expected in a classic enviroment

However, not everybody practises 8 hours a day to overcome the limits of
knowledge to play in all scales. Now, if you simply change your instrument
you have them all available.
Therefore we offer various different tunings for sale.

Seydel  De Luxe Seydel  De Luxe