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We have a range of high quality instruments made in Ireland by various Luthiers.
Please see the different products pages for;
Acoustic guitars by George Lowden, Dermot McIlroy,Donal O Rainne and Ciarán McNally
Mandolins   by Brian Lofthouse and Siveen Instruments
n Octave Mandolins by Brian Lofthouse
Bouzoukis by Donal O Rainne and Brian Lofthouse
Violins by Kevin Sykes
Banjos by Clareen Banjos
Flutes by Ari de Kyser and Eugene Lambe
Uillean Pipes by Eugene Lambe
Concertinas by The Irish Concertina Company
Bodhráns   by Padraig McNeela and Michael Vignoles
Straps for Guitar,Banjo,Mandolin,Bouzouki