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Fishman Banjo Pickup Rare Earth €215
Fishman Banjo Pickup Rare Earth €215
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Free installation when purchased with a banjo
Fishmans second generation banjo pickup features a quiet humbucking coil, a powerful neodymium magnet assembly and a specially designed preamp to strengthen and preserve the natural sound of the banjo. Fits dual coordinator rod instruments and may be modified to fit single rod banjos.

Microvox M500 Banjo Pickup
Microvox M500 Banjo Pickup

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A studio quality electret microphone for use on most plucked string instruments. The microphone fastens to the Instrument with VELCRO pads and the element faces across the instrument.

Dimensions:  10x10x20mm.
Connection:  1.2m lead to gold plated phono.
Construction:  Anodised aluminium.
Mic element Omni directional electret

Frequency response:  200Hz - 20kHz.

Must be used in conjunction with a Microvox Power Supply;
Standard PSU €85 (with volume control and on/off switch)
Mini PSU €57