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Microvox M400 Concertina Pickup €64.5
Microvox M400 Concertina Pickup €64.5
Price :  €64.5
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price is for one unit,two required for concertina.


Studio quality electret microphones for both ends of the concertina. The microphones face into the instrument. Fastening is by means of VELCRO® pads.

Construction :  Anodised aluminium.

Connection :  1.2m lead to gold plated phono.

Mic elements:  Omni directional electret

Frequency response :  20Hz - 20kHz.

Must be used in conjuntion with a Micrvox power supply unit;
Standard PSU € With on/off & volume control
Mini PSU €
Microvox M400 Concertina Pickup €64.5